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December 2023 - GreenOffshoreTech - Finalists!!!

Subworx's OceanLocker Technology Successfully Progressed through to the Final Phase of the GreenOffshoreTech Programme

Subworx's OceanLocker Technology Succesfully Progressed through to the Final Phase of the GreenOffshoreTech Programme


In a significant leap towards revolutionizing underwater inspection and integrity, Subworx, a pioneering company in the underwater industry, announces the successful progression of its groundbreaking OceanLocker technology through to the final stage, Promotion and Exploitation, of the GreenOffshoreTech programme.


GreenOffshoreTech has been instrumental in supporting Subworx's journey to develop and refine the OceanLocker system. GreenOffshoreTech is a Cluster Facilitated Project with the purpose of supporting innovation in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), fostering development of the emerging Blue Economy industries by enabling new cross-sectorial and cross-border value chains based on shared challenges and the deployment of key enabling technologies (KET).


What sets Subworx apart is the innovative Patent Pending technology incorporated into OceanLocker, enabling the fusion of visual photogrammetric data with signal datasets. This fusion results in an unparalleled inspection and monitoring capability for underwater structures across the Blue Economy.


The OceanLocker system has captivated the interest of various stakeholders within the Blue Economy, promising to bring transformative advancements to underwater inspections. With its cutting-edge technology, Subworx aims to enhance safety, improve efficiency, and drive development in robotic-based solutions tailored for the Blue Economy.


The SME Innovation Project has received cascade funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and invocation programme under the GreenOffshoreTech project and Grant Agreement No. 101005541.

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